From re-population of over-fished lakes to our ornamental fish hatchery, Be a Blessing Foundation’s aquaculture program helps :

  • Creating jobs through Be a Blessing Foundation’s Fish Farm & Hatchery.
  • Working with the Agriculture Department  and others to rebuild lakes and reservoirs left empty of tilapia after years of fishing. This not only adds to the fish population, but also creates income for local fishermen, allowing them to feed and care for their families.
  • Educating children with the use of ornamental tropical fish such as Platys, Fourami and Tiger Barbs. Classroom aquariums serve as teacher’s aids for exploring science in action.
  • Providing a wonderful source of protein and nutrition to orphans and abandoned children.

Join Be a Blessing Foundation’s quest to enrich the lives of hurting  through aquaculture. Find out how you can get involved and bring hope to the hurting today!

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